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How To Get Revenge On Your Ex After A Breakup

Breaking up a relationship with a person you loved is very hard.  It doesn't matter if you were the one who called it quits or if your former partner was the one who left. The relationship broke down for some reason and it hurts a lot. 

After the breakup, you may deal with feelings of failure, rejection and loneliness.  Here are tips to help you move on in a healthy way while getting revenge on your ex. Let yourself grieve. You have to grieve the loss of the person you once loved.

Even if the relationship ended on a sour note and you now dislike your former partner for hurting you, take the time to grieve. 

Do so by thinking about the good times you shared and grieve what you lost. This will help you get over the relationship, put it in the past and move on. 

Grieving can be done in many ways such as crying or writing about your feeling. 

Cut off ties with your ex. Whether your partner broke up with you and it crushed you or if you broke up with your partner because you were hurt by something they did, don’t communicate for any reason.

If there is a child involved, ask a third party, such as a mutual friend or a family member, to make the calls. Then meet at a safe zone such a police station or restaurant to get the child. 

Get rid of mementos. Holding on to gifts or photos of your ex hold you back from healing and moving on.

Happiness is the best revenge. Remember that the world is a big place and you will find love again. 

Don’t keep checking your ex’s social media sites for updates on what they are doing because if they have a new partner, this will only add to your misery and anger. 

Instead, dress nicely and look happy, despite feeling down. 

This will be the best revenge as it will make your former partner feel bad as they will assume that since you have moved on so quickly, they never meant anything to you. 

Don't let them get you down. Keep yourself busy with productive things such as putting in more time at work or getting another job.

This will keep you busy and you will earn more money, which will only further irritate your former partner. When you are not in a good place after a breakup, it is best to stay away from bars and clubs. 

Getting drunk will allow your former partner to be happy to see you drinking your pain away rather than moving on from them. 

You will also likely attract the wrong people as you are in a more vulnerable state during this time. 

Focus on getting yourself in a good place. Do so by reclaiming your living space. Decorate your living space with things that you like such as placing posters on the wall or a new lively linen set. 

This will help you feel more comfortable when you are spending time in bed by yourself. 

When you look confident and you are productive, you may find a good person to share your life with pretty soon.

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