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10 Interesting Facts About Tornadoes That You Never Knew

Mother Nature works in mysterious ways, where she can both provide and take from our world. Nature has the power to destroy everything we see before us in a blink of an eye. We have been taught to respect nature and fear nature’s wrath. Tornadoes are one of the deadliest and most feared natural catastrophes to occur. The destruction caused by a single tornado can be devastating, so everyone should know everything there is to know about tornadoes. Following are ten interesting facts about Tornadoes.

1) What exactly is a Tornado?

A Tornado is a cloud that shoots a revolving, funnel shaped wind underneath it, that is caused by a thunderstorm and its wind. The Tornado is powered by these extreme whirling winds, which can generate speeds up to nearly 350 miles per hour.

2) What causes Tornadoes from occurring?

Tornadoes are naturally formed when a warm front gets infused with a cold front from different regions. This causes a thunderstorm that unleashes these devastating tornadoes.

3) Where Tornadoes most occur?

Three out of four tornadoes are occurred in the Southern and Northern regions of the United States of America. This is due to the dry air of Canada that infuses with the warmer and much moister tropical climate of the Gulf of Mexico.

4) Surviving a Tornado:

The safest option in the events of a tornado is to find shelter in a basement or a cellar. The ground underneath is sturdy enough and conceals you to withstand the destructive winds of a tornado.

5) Destruction caused by a Tornado

Tornadoes can leave behind a path of destruction that can be more than fifty miles long and stretch up to a mile in width. Tornadoes have been known to completely destroy towns and villages, killing and injuring thousands along the way.

6)  Tornadoes are not just about extreme winds

Tornadoes not only bring extreme winds with them but also cause tropical storms and hurricanes in the process, once they reach the land.

7) Predicting a Tornado

The most accurate way to predict a Tornado before it occurs is to see signs of a rotating thunderstorm. People should act quickly and evacuate the areas that are most likely to be hit by a tornado before it’s too late.

8) A tornado can appear transparent

When seen through the naked eye, a tornado can appear transparent at first but slowly dust and debris picks up, making it visible for everyone to see the deadly catastrophe.

9) Deadliest Tornado ever recorded

The deadliest tornado recorded in the history of mankind was the Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado that occurred in Bangladesh in 1989. This tornado had a devastating effect, killing approximately 1300 people and injuring around 10000 people.

10) Nothing can withstand a tornado on land

Tornadoes have been known to completely wipe out buildings from the ground and lift trains, weighing more than a thousand tons, and tossing them miles away like a softball. That definitely is one of the most interesting facts about tornadoes.

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