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Ondo Election: Rotimi Akeredolu In Comfortable Lead

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu, is in a clear lead in the Saturday governorship election in Ondo State. In what looks like a magic result that proves bookmakers wrong, Akeredolu won in the entire Akoko area of the state. He also won in Owo and Ose local governments and topped it with a surprise showing in all the local governments in Akure metropolis.

Governor Segun Mimiko so far has saved Eyitayo Jegede of PDP from humiliating defeat by Akeredolu, as the governor helped the candidate of his party to win in all local governments in Ondo metropolis. But what Akeredolu lost in Mimiko's territory in Ondo town, he gained in Akure where he shocked the residents with astounding victory.

In Akoko area of the state, Akeredolu shocked the combined forces of Olusegun Abraham and Senator Ajayi Borrofice who refused to work for the APC candidate. Akeredolu also swam in the waters of riverine areas of the state to snap critical votes from the stronghold of AD candidate, posting surprise wins in Idogbo, Ilutitun and several other areas hitherto considered no-go areas for the APC candidate.

Top opposition leaders considered as threats to Akeredolu, including Gani Muhammed Ajowa, influential Hon JAF, Olusola Oke's deputy governorship candidate, Gani Dauda, Oke's campaign DG, Bola Ilori;  Borrofice and Abraham, all lost to Akeredolu in their units.

Except for areas that are contiguous to Jegede's family houses in Akure, Akeredolu took battle to the territory of the PDP's candidate and took critical votes home in triumph. With only few wards to go, the results expected from those wards are no longer a threat to Akeredolu's victory, more so that some of the wards are those where Akeredolu is also strong. By mid-night or early tomorrow morning, INEC should be in a position to announce Akeredolu as the winner of the election.

• Credit: Sunshine Chronicle

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