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Teenagers Hospitalized After Using Plastic Cellophane Wrap Because Boy Was Too Shy To Buy Condoms

A teenager’s first sexual encounter has left him and his partner with injuries.  The teenage couple of Vietnam, went to a hospital after using a plastic cellophane wrap as contraceptives instead of buying condoms.

The young couple, who was too embarrassed to be seen buying condoms, sustained scratches and ended up in a hospital with bleeding genitals.

Nguyen The Luong, who is the spokesperson for the Hanoi Nephrology Hospital, said that the rough texture and lack of elasticity and lubrication in the plastic cellophane wrap caused their genitals to be scratched to the point of bleeding.

The teenage couple, who said that they are college students, was given antibiotics for the injuries.

Doctors at the hospital who treated the patients, are strongly discouraging the public against using plastic bags or any similar material that may appear to be a practical alternative to condoms.

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