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Oldest Snow Monkey In North America Celebrates 33rd Birthday

The oldest living snow monkey in North America celebrated its 33rd birthday at a zoo in Minnesota.

Minnesota Zoo shared photos and video of Nikko the monkey who turned 33 years old on Sept. 7.

"The Minnesota Zoo's resident snow monkey, Nikko, celebrated his 33rd birthday on Wednesday, September 7 – reaching an age milestone for his species!" the zoo wrote.

Nikko could be seen playing and jumping about his enclosure with several other snow monkeys.

"Nikko arrived at the Minnesota Zoo in 2001; since that time, he's been a great animal to have in the troop," Minnesota and tropics trail curator Tom Ness told WCCO.

According to the zoo, Nikko has lived 99.5 percent longer than other known male snow monkeys and Ness said Nikko's personality is part of what's help keep him alive so long.

"As one of the dominant males, he has always been laid back – helping to maintain peace within the troop, which is not typical of male snow monkeys," he said. "We believe that his personality has helped him survive twice as long as a typical male."

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