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Woman Seen Steering Her Car With One Hand And Pushing Her Baby In His Carriage With The Other

A woman was seen on video driving her car while pushing her baby carriage on the road.  
The mother who was identified as Anastasia of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, was seen leaning out of the car window and pushing the baby carriage with one hand while driving her car with the other hand.

A family friend recorded the stunt and the mother uploaded it to social media sites, where it was shared with her friends and family. 
However, the private video soon went viral after someone in her group shared it with others. 

People were quick to criticize the woman and called her a bad mother.

When Anastasia learned of the controversy she created on social media, she decided to tell her side of the story. 

Anastasia wrote: “I am shocked. I did not expect such attention. I have been portrayed as an idiot, but I love my son and would never put him in danger. 

“My son liked it a lot, he was laughing the entire time. We added some music to the video, and I posted it on my social media page, but then someone reposted it.”

Apparently, police did not find her actions funny either and they began investigating Anastasia. 

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