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Woman Robs Bank And Hands The Money To Strangers On Street So She Can Go Back To Prison

Most people who rob a bank do so out of desperation and the need to support themselves and their families.  However, one transgender woman told police that she robbed a bank because she wanted to go back to prison. 59-year-old Linda Patricia Thompson walked into the U.S. Bank in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with a cardboard sign and demanded cash.

After getting the money, Thompson, who is homeless, threw some in the air. She then walked outside and handed cash to strangers.  Thompson then sat down on the sidewalk, and waited for police to pick her up and take her back to prison.

Thompson, who was recently released from prison in Oregon, said that she did not want to go free. However, the prison refused her request to extend her stay, so she robbed the bank to go back to prison.

During her last stint in prison, Thompson was featured in a documentary on the struggles of a transgender prisoner.

Her proudest moment was when she castrated herself and flushed her private parts down the toilet in front of prison guards.  After doing so, she received hormonal treatment and was transferred to a prison for transgender people.

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