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Kevin Hart Doesn't Take Movie Reviews To Heart

Kevin Hart thinks too much is made of movie reviews. The comedic actor has revealed he does not attach much importance to reviews and has hit back at critics of the female-ledGhostbusters film, claiming the star-studded cast were judged too harshly.
He shared: "I don't think I've ever gotten a good movie review, to be honest with you. "If I actually read a good review, I would go, 'What?! Are you talking about me?' It doesn't matter. A critic's job is to critique. 
"But the flack they were trying to give these women in Ghostbusters, it was just so ridiculous." Kevin claimed it is increasingly difficult for filmmakers to deliver entirely original ideas.
He told Entertainment Weekly: "People take remakes as if you're trying to destroy what's been done - you're living in the day and age where every movie's been done! There's no such thing as a unique idea right now, unless you go to fucking Jupiter or Mars. 
"Every cop movie, every detective movie, every buddy movie, every female buddy movie, every male buddy movie, every dinosaur movie, every space movie, anything with aliens, we've done it."

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