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Canadian Man To Play Video Game For 55 Hours To Raise Money For Charity

A Canadian man has set out to break a Guinness World Record and raise money for charity by playing a video game for 55 consecutive hours.

Dan Bergman pledged to play Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros. to raise money for Geekdom House, an inner city coding program for kids. through Canadian charity organization Canada Helps.

Bergman began playing on Aug. 17 and will seek to break the current Guinness record of playing for 48 consecutive hours while being allowed brief breaks for his health and safety.

"My strategy is to go for as long as I possibly can, take a nice little four hour nap after the second night or something like that and then just truck on and see how far I can go," Bergman told the CBC.

Geekdom House is seeking $10,000 to launch the program in 2017, which will have local game developers, coders and designers teach their skills to local children.

"These types of skills translate to all kinds of things that they'll be able to do in the future, things that we don't even know about," Bergman said. "It allows kids who enjoy playing games a creative outlet, rather than just being a consumer of games."

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