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IyanuAsele Youth Volunteers Orientate Ondo State Youths

The IyanuAsele Youth Volunteers was created to challenge the status quo of the present socio-political and economical situation in Ondo State and Nigeria at large, led by its executive director, Adelosoye Maxwell. Their objective was to educate Ondo state youths on how to be useful for themselves and to elect credible future leaders for the Sunshine state, especially in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections.

In a press conference held in Akure, the state capital on July 20th, 2016, the IyanuAsele Youth Volunteers regret the disadvantaged position in which the youths of Ondo state have found themselves overtime as a result of poor leadership structure which has inherently incapacitated them from maximizing their potentials. The Initiative is poised to create a platform for the youths to rediscover themselves, regain their sense of pride, become relevant and contribute their own quota to the general development of the society.

In his speech, the executive director said:

Our people must be informed and we shall speak to them in the language they understand. We are in the business of making every indigene of Ondo state graduate from the mentality of being poor. Ondo State is not poor, we have the longest coastline in Nigeria, and we were the leading producer of cocoa when Nigeria was the 4th largest producer of the aforementioned commodity in the world. Ondo has the highest literacy rate in Nigeria but the mentality of poverty has been consciously perpetuated in our sub consciousness so that the ignorance will not allow us to demand for a better standard of living. 
While speaking on the present state of the country among the committee of nations, he blamed bad leadership and corruption as the major problem of the Nigerian society.

Corruption is the reason why most government actions are laced with deceit because stealing is their priority and emphasis is on program or project that brings benefit to their family members and friends. This Initiative is about representation, we will lead the campaign for 50-50 representation at all levels of governance in the state. It is ridiculous that out of the estimated 170 million population of this country, the youth constituency is about 80 -100 million but we are the most under-represented even in affairs directly concerning us. 
In his closing remark, he urged other youths in Ondo state to support the IyanuAsele Youth Volunteers campaign and encouraged everyone interested in joining them to register on the volunteers's group official website at

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