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Ekiti State, How Lowly Have You Sunk, By Uwem Okon Raymond

I was born in Ondo state in the 80s. At the time, Ondo and Ekiti state were still a state. Up until 1996, it was so. Therefore I know the Ekiti people and I can even say one or two things about them. And one thing I know is that Ekiti state people weren't known for the negativity that surrounds the state at the moment.
Firstly, Ekiti state boasted of the academicians of Nigeria. Great professors, Doctors and so on. Secondly, Ekiti people were honest people. They would rather die hungry than steal any ones property. Thirdly, Ekiti people are morally upright. They won't see black and call it white. Disciplined and intelligent. One last thing is that just like Ondo people, they too are very "strong headed". You can't intimidate or lord over them anything they don't want.
If all the above are true abt these state, how come all the drama happening in there, orchestrated by their own governor and no one is saying anything. Apart from the fact that the state has remain underdeveloped for like eternity, no thanks to selfish governors whose only agenda is their pocket. The people now are so silenced and even disorientated. Hmmm, I guess propaganda still works magic.
Fayose with all the problems in Ekiti, from their dyeing educational sector to almost no healthy health institutions, dwindled economy, bad roads, lack of any reasonable social amenity etc, has chosen to face the federal government who is also grasping with reality of a collapsing nation. Poking his nose in all that doesn't concern him. Raising dust where there is none.
Dear fayose, why not face the many problems of Ekiti state and make yourself the chosen one u are claiming to be. Why not leave all this your fake "abracadabra " or stage managed people's policy. Or how do I describe ur nonsense old benz used for ur inauguration that no more exist in your motorcade. How abt u sitting on a vehicle, throwing banana to the Ekiti people you have turned to Monkeys. Oh, I forgot u also went to "buka" to eat. Why won't u go to "buka", u that went to d market to buy ponmo and other cooking stuffs. Drinking palmwine on the street with the common people.
One wud av thought that, u av the heart for these people, but instead, they are just a bait in ur hand. Yes a bait.
Worse still, the Ekiti people are still not sleeping. You use them daily to wrestle the federal government. Agidi oshi to wa lara won naa oje ki Oju won la pe oti luwon ni jibiti poo.
They daily jump unto the road to cry and claim it's u they want, the question is, do they really want u. Did they really come out to fight for u despite the hunger in the land without being bought over.
I know this because, the Ekiti state glorified secondary school that u call University is having different issues ranging from infrastructural decay to unstable academic sessions etc, yet the student association went to the streets to protest that u should be left alone to see out ur non existing people's given mandate . 

I don't know Ekiti to be a private sector state, only for this nonsensical "sit tight" government to quickly form one new association of private sector that is chaired by Okada people and taxi plus bus drivers. My gosh, is this the level of idiosyncrasy in Ekiti ni. Abi how do I explain the eccentricity in the state now. So the intellectual people are now absent in Ekiti. Abi how come there is no one really speaking against this comedian called Fayose.

Ekiti people went on strike because of their unpaid salaries, only for this clown called fayose too to come out and said he too was on strike as a way of solidarity for the workers instead of finding solutions to their problem. What I have seen in Ekiti is bewildering to say the least. I only wonder, what is going on and for how long in that once glorious state.
What project has dis fayose done gan in Ekiti. I heard he is working on an Airport for the state. The question is, is it an Okada privatised sector of the state that wants to land in d airport. Or is it that farmer that wants to fly his yam or cocoa to and from Ekiti airport. (misplaced priority). Oh, may be it's another poultry project in the making.
Oh, Ekiti state please wake up.

Uwem is a writer, a social analyst and commentator. He graduated from the Lagos state University. He is also a singer.

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