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Donald Trump’s RNC Entrance Reminds The Internet Of The Undertaker

Live, from WRESTLEMANIA the Republican National Convention ... DONALD TRUMP!

The republican presidential nominee’s entrance on Monday’s stage rung a bell with professional wrestling fans, who noted its similarities to that of squared-circle legend The Undertaker, aka Mark William Calaway.
The video above shows Trump’s theatrics spliced together with The Undertaker’s theme music — which is not exactly how the presidential hopeful stepped out, but it’s fun to pretend.
Trump actually took the stage with Queen’s “We Are the Champions” blaring through the Quicken Loans Arena, stirring up another controversy.  Several outlets, including Bleacher Report, took the opportunity to note that this Undertaker-like entrance makes sense, in a way — Donald Trump is actually a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.
In the end, viewers truly hoping for The Undertaker to show up were disappointed.

Credit: The Huffington Post.

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