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What religions said about adultery VS what Jesus says - By Ifeanyi Oti

Religion says that whoever commits adultery with a woman has committed a crime. Jesus says whoever lusts after a women in his heart has already committed the crime and is liable of the same offence! Religion also says that whoever commits murder has committed a crime. 

But Jesus says whoever hates his brother is already guilty of the same crime!
Now, religion only concentrates on the outward - what is seen. What is done physically and publicly. Jesus made the Pharisees to understand that true righteousness is beyond Do and Donts!

Today, we still entangle ourselves with such issues. We say- taste not, touch not etc. We begin to judge the authenticity of a believer based on the kind of hair she makes, shoes they wear, clothes they put on etc. Since it's possible for someone to be guilty of adultery or commit murder when he/she has not yet done it physically, then evaluating the spiritual state of people only based on what you are seeing is completely flawed!

Someone can be outwardly good but inwardly stinking! This is not endorsing indecent appearance in anyway, but evaluating someone based on his/her outward appearance only can be very misleading.

What then is the way out? Let people receive the life of Christ and be led by the Spirit.
Then, as they renew their minds in the word, they are being transformed into the very life of the kingdom. 2 Corinthians 3:18.

The Spirit begins to direct their actions on daily basis! Whenever they do anything, they do it as representatives of the kingdom. That's how to live in God's kingdom!

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