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Today in History: On This Day: May 21


1527  - King Philip II of Spain
1780 - Elizabeth Fry, English prison reformer
1904  - Fats Waller, American musician
1916  - Harold Robbins, American novelist
1917  - Raymond Burr, US actor (played Perry Mason & Ironside)
1948  - Leo Sayer, Singer
1952  - Mr T, American Actor (played BA in the A team TV series)

1851  - Gold was discovered in Australia
1894  - The Manchester Ship Canal was officially opened
1911  - A peace accord was signed, ending the war in Mexico
1922  - Communist leaders took control in Bulgaria; King Boris fled
1927  - Charles Lindbergh became the first to fly solo across the Atlantic
1946  - Bread rationing in Britain began because of a global wheat shortage
1960  - An earthquake struck Chile, South America
1994  - Intra-communal violence in Ogoniland results in killing of four prominent Ogoni leaders by violent youths.

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