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Iran Is Currently Arresting Women For Exposing Hair On Instagram

We've learnt so many things from social media, stuffs like you posting the wrong thing on social media can get you fired from a job and also if you are a woman in Iran, it could land you in serious trouble.   This is the story of 26-year-old Elham Arab, the famous Instagram celebrity so to say, known for her bleached hair and awesome stunning photos in luxury bridal gowns.

 She was recently interrogated by two prosecutors and accused on National TV for not keeping her hair fully covered. 

Elham was quick to warn others about posting pictures of themselves and thus exposing their hair on the web, though Elham was not quick to defend her actions.  "You can be certain that no man would want to marry a model whose fame has come by losing her honor," she added. This action prompted her Instagram account to be disabled.

According to the New York Times, Iran officials has recorded that about eight persons have been arrested for the trending practice of modelling on social media without the mandatory head scarf.

Daily dot also reported that the bust part of an operation know as Spider II, which was tagged "Pornography and Insulting Islamic Sanctity" - One woman was questioned on National TV last week Sunday for allegedly exposing her hair.  This new development is part of Iran's increased effort to checkmate the social media activities of her citizens as a way of curbing or blocking out Western influence.  "Sterilizing popular cyberspaces is on our agenda," Javad Babaei, Iran’s prosecutor for cybercrime, said.

Credit: Social Spy.

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