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Woman Gets Pregnant For Her 15-year-old Son, Says She Fell For Him And Shares It Facebook

In what will come across as perhaps the most shocking case of incest in recent times, a woman has proudly gotten pregnant by her own son. The woman posted the photo above showing her posing with her underage 15-year-old son and then followed it up with an explanation.

The Facebook post reads (edited):

“For those who don’t know, me and my 15 year old son had a baby last year together. I had sex with him when he was 14 years old.

"The baby came out fine. Just to let you know I also have three (3) daughters who are thirteen(13) fourteen(14) and sixteen(16). 
"My son is a great dad and also a great boyfriend to me. This all started when I realized that I was having  feelings for him. I decided to have a one on one talk with him. I told him 'mommy loves you more than what it means to just be a mommy to you' I also told him that “mommy likes you just like how a girl from school likes you.'

"I explained everything to him and got him to understand and he felt the same way as I did as he began to ask questions. He asked “so does that mean that we can kiss and hold hands like boyfriend and girlfriend?”I told him yes and even sex.

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  1. This is the weirdest news I've read in a long time. This is crazy.