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Queen Elizabeth's Automotive History Honoured With A Sculpture Of Her Made Entirely Of Car Parts

Queen Elizabeth's automotive history has been honoured by a sculpture of her made entirely of car parts. Kwik Fit, a car servicing and repair company in Britain, has created the 3.5 by 2.5 sculpture which weighs 115 kilograms and is called the "Queen of Parts" ahead of the monarch's 90th birthday celebrations this week.

The project is seen as way of honouring her contribution to the World War Two effort as a mechanic and driver in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). 

A crew of four technicians lead by artist David Parfitt have worked on the portrait for over 280 man hours, using over 800 individual parts including lights from an Austin K2 truck, which the Queen became familiar with during her time in the ATS.

Website reports that the sculpture uses 50 metres of cables and hoses, 125 spark plugs, 60 gaskets, 150 washers, 24 pumps, 20m of leads, 10 headlights, 6 bumpers and hundreds of springs, nuts and bolts.

Credit: Stuff.

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