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Woman Mistakes Super Glue For Eye Drops, Seals Eyelids Shut

A woman in China who sealed her eyes shut when she mistook super glue for eye drops avoided damage to her eyes thanks to her contact lenses, doctors said.

Zhao Xing Nvzi, 20, arrived at the Shenzhen Eye Hospital March 10 and told doctors she had accidentally super-glued her eyes closed when she confused the adhesive for her contact lens re-wetting drops.

The hospital's chief physician, Dr. Zhanhang Kai, said the woman did not want her eyelashes to be cut off, so he instead spent more than an hour carefully separating the woman's lashes and eye lids.

The doctor said the patient's eyes were not harmed because her contact lensesprevented the adhesive from making direct contact.

A similar incident took place in October of last year, when Katherine Gaydos of Florida mistook super glue for eye drops and sealed her right eye shut. A doctor pried her eye open after it had been sealed for several days and determined she had avoided any serious injuries from the incident.

Credit: UPI.

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