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This Is Why Easter Always Fall On Different Dates

''Father Dr Fredrick Njoroge, a chaplain at Moi University’s main campus, explained that since the year 325, Easter Sunday has been timed to occur after March 21.

He said the dates were determined by calculations by mathematicians and astrologers sanctioned by the Catholic Church centuries ago. The church, he said, currently knows the date of the annual Easter Sunday until the year 4099.

“If Jesus does not come back before 4099, we already have the dates,” Dr Njoroge said.
Because of the irregular nature of the moon’s rotation patterns, the full moon can occur in March or April, which explains why Easter dates change from year to year.

Next year’s Easter Sunday will be on April 16 while the 2018 one will be on April 1.
“Easter can occur as early as March 22 or as late as April 25, which now tells us why sometimes it will fall within April''.

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