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Man Is Convinced He’s Kanye West After Suffering Severe Brain Injury

A man who suffered a horrific car crash that almost claimed his life two weeks ago, woke up from a coma believing that he was the famous rapper, Kanye West. 47-year old Benjamin Davis, was transported to the Columbia Memorial Hospital on February 17, after being implicated in a violent crash. 

He was critically injured and suffering from some severe brain trauma, but the doctors were miraculously able to stabilize him and keep him alive. Mr. Davis spent more than two weeks in a coma, and finally woke up yesterday, visibly confused about his identity. The man from Fremont County in Wyoming, who works as a cashier in a Safeway, is convinced that he is the hip hop artist and producer, Kanye West.

According to the medical staff, he began asking questions about Kim Kardashian as soon as he woke up, and before becoming agitated and aggressive. Mister Davis’ wife, Jennifer Wong , had been told two weeks ago that it would be a miracle if he ever came out of his coma, and even then, he would probably have lost much of his brain capacity.

Therefore, she was extremely surprised last night, when they received a phone call from the hospital, telling them that her husband was awake.
“We got the call from the hospital and [the hospital staff member] was saying “Hi Madam, I just wanted to ring and let you know that your husband’s actually started to come out of the coma”… and she said, “I don’t know how to say this… but he’s convinced that he’s Kanye West,” his wife told reporters. “I laughed at first, thinking it was one of my husband’s jokes, but she told me that this was serious. This is certainly the strangest thing I have ever seen, but at least he’s alive and healthy! I just hope it doesn’t last too long.”
This unusual case has drawn a lot of attention from both the media and the scientific community, drawing a lot of speculation about the possible causes of Benjamin Davis’ unique symptoms.

A neuroscientist of the Oregon Health & Science University Brain Institute thinks he might have an explanation about what caused the poor man to believe that he was Kanye West.
Dr Robert Francis Salinger said the brain was made up of different circuits – which assist in language, breathing, speaking and thinking – similar to electronic circuits.

According to him, what possibly happened to the victim was that the parts of the brain that recalled his own identity and memories were damaged in the crash and those that  etained the music that listened to and the gossips that he read, were activated when the 47-year-old woke up from his coma.

Dr. Salinger believes that Mr Davis’ memory should come back gradually over the next few weeks.

Credit: WNDR.

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  1. I wonder if he has regained his old memories yet? His kids will surely be puzzled, if he has any.