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Workers take selfie with man who fell asleep for 20 minutes on second day of his job

A Montreal intern woke up to a burst of laughter on his second day at a new job Tuesday after his co-workers had gathered around to take a now viral photo of him – with his mouth wide open, asleep at his desk.  Eduard Paraschivescu has been undergoing training at a company called Gsoft that afternoon. He has a slight anemia, so when he felt tired, he leaned back in his chair and about 20 minutes later he realized he'd dozed off.
One of the reasons he knew this was because his co-workers were around him when he woke up, laughing, and taking pictures and videos.
He also found a message saying he should bring in doughnuts in the next day. He said he did, and that he hasn't lost his job.
But it was Paraschivescu himself who took the extra step of posting a photo on Reddit, where it was picked up by the PhotoshopBattles subreddit.
In the PhotoshopBattles community, people humorously modify photos, often trying to make them appear as absurd as possible. 
Here's him in a movie about his life

Creeping on Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
On The Simpsons
Letting it be
And sleeping through the dinosaur escape in Jurassic Park
These photos were picked up by outlets like the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post, where they spread quickly across the web.
"It doesn't really bother me - I'm not naked, I'm not getting shamed," he told CBC News. "I'm just surrounded by amazing people who are having a blast!"
As for whether or not the photos will have a negative effect on his career, Paraschivescu said he's not too worried. 
"In all honesty, I have my reputation to lean back on," he said. "I'm the president of a student society, I'm a good software architect, I'm known for many other things than sleeping - and hey, if it's funny, it's worth sharing."
As of press time, he hasn't heard from his parents on if they approve of him sleeping on the job – or being Elton John or being swallowed into a monstrous void for that matter.

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