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Man Cures Himself Of Cancer By Having Sex Up To 18 Times A Day

A 55-year-old man from Louisiana who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told he had only three months to live claims he has miraculously cured himself from his cancer by having as much sex as he could before he died. The man’s brain shows no more sign of the brain tumor that threatened his life only months ago and has completely disappeared according to his doctor, Dr. John Lee.

“I told my patient the progression of his brain tumor was extremely alarming and that at this rate, I expected his lifespan to be three months at the most but that he could possibly die any day or so. 

If a seizure occurred, he could fall into a comatose state and never come back,” he recalls. “It is very uplifting, but also extremely intriguing to find my patient alive and well, with no significant sign of a tumor. I am a rational man, but this is clearly a blessing from God, there is no other explanation that comes to mind,” he told local reporters.
Three months to live
When Adam learned he had barely three months to live, he didn’t lose faith and did not despair. “I’ve had a few tough breaks in my life,” he admits. “But every time life has sent me a jab, I always responded by an uppercut,” acknowledges the former amateur boxer. “When I learned I had so little time on this Earth, I took out all my economies and bought myself a ticket for Thailand. 

For months, I partied hard as hell and had as much sex as I wanted,” he admits with no shame. “For the next few months, I lived my life like a rock star. I indulged in all possible drugs I could get my hands on and drank beer every day from morning till dawn. I had a dozen girls living permanently with me, I had my own little harem, my own personal cook and butler, for a few months of my life, I lived like a king,” he recalls with nostalgia.

“Some days I felt like Johnny Depp in the movie Don Juan DeMarco, where he is in the harem and spends years having sex with hundreds of girls. I had sex like I breathed air. I tried every day to sleep with more and more women, but I was never able to beat my record of having sex 18 times in one day.”

A second chance
Although the miraculous recovery is intriguing to most medical practitioners, Dr. Alan Bates believes the “extreme partying” might explain the disappearance of the tumor.
“It is possible that all the sex and drugs, which could have killed him, did in fact the opposite” explains Dr. Alan Bates, Head researcher at the New Orleans School of Medicine.
“Endorphins have been found to have a powerful effect on certain kinds of tumors. 

A prolonged rush of endorphins, through the practice of non-stop sexual intercourse for a period of months, as well as the use of different drugs could have rendered the brain tumor totally incapacitated,” he adds. “This is a fascinating case study that would benefit from being reproduced under laboratory conditions and could eventually help find alternative solutions to the treatment of cancer by the administration of endorphins to the body,” he acknowledges.

The retired plumber has officially taken back his position as a manager at a local Walgreens and says his near-death experience has permanently changed him for the best and given him a more positive attitude towards life.

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