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Woman attacks fiancée after proposing with engagement ring returned to him by his former girlfriend

A woman allegedly assaulted her fiancée after she learnt that she was wearing the engagement ring that once belonged her fiancée's former girlfriend. 

The Florida Police were called after Inga Daftartiene, 43, attacked Bengt Nyquist, her long-time partner, during a fight over the engagement ring.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office reported that Nyquist was in bed while the 

woman was drinking wine downstairs, during that time, she looked through some old photos that belonged to her fiancée.

The suspect noticed a picture of her fiancée with his former girlfriend. She then claimed that she recognized the ring and said it was the same ring he gave to her when he proposed.

The suspect grabbed a metal pipe ran to the bedroom and threw it at her fiance who suffered minor injures. Nyquist however denied that it was the same ring. 

Daftartiene, who was reportedly drunk at the time  was arrested on charges of misdemeanour and  battery. Her bail was set at $500.

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