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Texas mother of two selling jewellery made from breast milk

A Texas mother with a talent for crafting is offering breastfeeding mothers unusual keepsakes -- jewelry made from their own breast milk. Bridgette Boudreaux, 24, a Lake Jackson stay-at-home mom of two, said the idea to create crafts from breast milk arose from her love of breastfeeding her sons.

"You're up all night sometimes and it can be painful," she told KTRK-TV. "But it's so beautiful. You know, such a peaceful time with just you and your baby." Boudreaux said she created the first piece for herself and soon found herself inundated with requests when she shared photos of her work on Facebook. "I created breast milk jewelry for myself," she said. "I debuted it in a small Facebook group that I was in for mothers and they responded very well, and the orders just started pouring in."

Boudreaux said the process involves adding a preservative to the milk and allowing it to sit in the refrigerator for about the week. She said the process turns the milk into a pliable solid that can be shaped and colored before being covered in a top coat resin that hardens and protects the milk. "It is no longer in liquid form and will not rot or smell after it is preserved," she told the Houston Chronicle. 

"Each breast milk pearl is a different shade of cream to white so you're getting what came from you. No two are alike," Boudreaux said. She said the orders have been pouring in since she unveiled JoBri Milk Charms about a year ago. "I have milk from Indonesia, Canada, Britain, France, all over the world. I receive milk every day," she said. 

Bordreaux said each piece is unique.

"When I make breast milk jewelry I am often told stories of how the mother overcame certain struggles and grew closer to her child through the journey," Boudreaux said.
"With each pearl, it represents so many things for so many women," she said. "When people buy their breast milk jewelry from me, I get their stories and a lot of their stories are empowering. 

You know, the gift of life. The breast milk pearl is sustaining and life giving for many women." Boudreaux said she has recently branched out to creating jewelry from hair, umbilical cords, placentas and even cremains. "I hope the pieces will bring them comfort knowing their loved one is close to their heart," she said.

Credit: UPI.

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