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Man who attempted to escape prison through toilet gets stuck in clogged drain pipes

A man had a perfect plan to escape from prison and afterwards set in motion in his own "shawshank redemption" style, but things did not go as he had hoped.  

The man reportedly from Brazil, attempted to climb through the communal toilet drain.
The prisoner successful removed the toilet and tried to get himself out of prison through the drain pipes. 

A video of the incident revealed the man was trying to slide headfirst into the hole on the floor. As a result, his body quickly got completely covered in feces.

The man however eventually became stuck in the clogged sewer pipes and he had no way to get himself out. He was later rescued by two men who pulled him out of the hole by grabbing his legs.

The video further showed the man in a disgusting sight, covered in excrement from head to toe after he was returned to his prison cell.

He would likely face additional charges for his failed escape.

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