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Woman Is Selling A Tube Filled With “Drake’s Cum” On Ebay (Read How She Claims She Got It!)

A Chicago woman named Stephanie McConor, age 25, is reportedly selling, what she claims to be, Drake’s semen on Ebay, after she claims to have had sex with the rapper while on a vacation in Toronto.
An listing was published on Ebay Saturday afternoon titled “Drake’s Cum!! (Yes the rapper Drake!!)”, See listing below:

Upon finding the listing, Journalists and reporters decided to gather more information on the listing by contacting Stephanie. An brief Skype interview was setup and Stephanie explained it all. “I visited Toronto a few days ago” said Stephanie, “When I was up there, I happened to run into Drake at some club. He looked real into me so we both headed back to his place later that night and we had sex. I gave him oral sex and he came inside my mouth, but I never spit it out. I saved it in my mouth and just simply did not talk the entire time after that, until I finally left. I had to talk to him with head nods because he had no idea I had his cum in my mouth still. So after getting home, I spit it out in a small tube and now I’m selling it!” finished Stephanie, as she was holding the tube of semen with the label “Drakes Cum”.
The listing is for Auction and is starting with a solid price of USD $600.00. A very bizarre story indeed, but we must admit, Stephanie is what we would call a “Hustler”, or should we say “Huzler”? After all she did manage to get a tube filled with Drake’s semen without him finding out… well at least not until she listed it on eBay and we reported it.

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