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Stephen Curry Hospitalized After Apparent Suicide Attempt Days After Loss To Bucks Ending Their 24 Win Streak

 After finally losing to the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night and breaking their 24-win streak to start the season, It is being reported that Stephen Curry was found unconscious in his home. Authorities speculate that Curry attempted suicide because he could not handle the loss to the Bucks.
Authorities found Stephen Curry unconscious in his Orinda, California home after his wife Ayesha Curry had discovered Curry unconscious in their basement with empty pill bottles.

 A suicide note was also found on the floor next to Curry’s unconscious body reading:
“We lost our streak, I have nothing to live for anymore, And worst of all, we lost to the Bucks. I cant ever take another Lnin my life, goodbye, I love you Ayesha, Riley, and Ryan”.
Authorities Authorities quickly rushed Stephen Curry to the nearest ER room. Although taking a deadly dose of prescription pills, according to nurses and doctors, Stephen Curry Is miraculously expected to live and will be fully functional a few weeks of treatment. “He’s so good, he can’t even die” says Nurse Dalia Rivera, “Most individuals would have died after from that kind of overdose”.

Credit: Huzlers.

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