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Lonely Japanese Women Can Now Hire Hot Guys to Sleep Beside Them

Thanks to Tokyo-based company ‘Rose Sheep’, single Japanese women don’t need to worry about lonely nights or empty beds anymore. All they’ve got to do is call and order a ‘sheep’ – an attractive young man between the ages of 20 and 30 – to spend the night beside them. 
The service does not extend beyond cuddling, though. A bare-chested snuggle is just about as steamy as it can get.
Prices vary depending on duration – short two-hour ‘nap’ packages range from 20,000 yen ($162) for two hours to 40,000 yen ($325) for four hours. 

The ‘good-night’ packages cost anywhere from 50,000 yen ($400) for six hours to 100,000 yen ($800) for a super-long 16-hour cuddle fest.
 First timers are given steep discounts – 5,000 yen off on nap packages and 10,000 yen off on good-night packages. 
The longer sessions involve more than just cuddling – the men will also dine or drink with clients and even cook for them if requested in advance. They’ll also be good listeners, nodding empathetically as the women talk about their problems.
Rose Sheep apparently targets women in their 30s and 40s, but sometimes receives requests from older women as well. Most of them prefer to have the sheep visit their homes. While the men generally bring their own pajamas, the women can provide them with other garments of their choice.

Credit: Oddity Central