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I'm quitting WWE to start Reality TV Show, John Cena says

The face of WWE, John Cena is reportedly set to quit to start off a reality TV show with Fox.
 According to Forbes, Cena is looking to quit the WWE for good if the reality show becomes successful.

Cena was involved in the UPN produced reality show Manhunt. 
This is not his first foray into TV as he has acted in a number of movies including the Marine and 12 Rounds.

He portrayed Big Tim Kingman, leader of the group of bounty hunters who chased down the contestants who acted as fugitives. 
The show, however, was mired in controversy when it was alleged that the portions of the show were rigged to eliminate certain players, scenes were re-shot or staged to enhance drama and contestants read from scripts.

Despite the appearances in movies and TV shows, Cena has never considered leaving the WWE like he is reportedly doing right now.

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