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17 Year-old Does “Condom Challenge” With Used Condom Gets Herpes

DALLAS, TX – The “Condom Challenge” craze has claimed another victim. 17 year-old Hector Cruz contracted herpes after using a used condom he found in his fathers bedroom. 
Most recently 17 year-old Emily Stone died while doing the “Condom Challenge”. So the question is why are teens and college kids still doing the “Condom Challenge”?
Part of it is because they don’t believe that anything bad will happen to them. “In adolescence, there’s a feeling of invincibility,” Michelle Tyson, Ph.D., clinical professor of 
psychology at the Dallas M&P institute and clinical psychologist in private practice in Dallas, Says. 
“Because this generation is full of f*cking idiots who anything to be cool. They don’t think about the consequences look at Hector he looks like a walking ebola infected monster”.
Hector Cruz told his story and social media and has started a campaign to warn others about the dangers of doing shit you see on the internet. Like and share this article with your friends you could save a life.

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