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Woman missing 10 years found living in an Internet cafe

 A Chinese woman who was presumed dead after going missing at the age of 14 has been found 10 years later living and playing at an Internet cafe.
Xiao Yun, 24, was arrested at an Internet cafe in Hangzhou when she was found to be using a fake ID, and police soon determined the woman had been reported missing by her parents 10 years ago in Hengdian, Zhejiang province.

Yun told police she left home after a fight with her parents and had been sleeping in various Internet cafes and bath houses, surviving off donations from patrons and occasional cashier work at cafes. She said she passed her time playing online gameCrossFire.
Police fined Yun $156 and convinced her to reunite with her parents.
The woman's mother said she had kept the same phone number for more than a decade in the hopes her daughter would call.
"I have a stubborn personality and a short temper, so I used to scold her. But it's been 10 years and now she's an adult. I will never scold her again," the mother told the Qianjiang Evening News.

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