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Teen Dies While Doing The ‘Condom Challenge’ ; Viral Trend Sparking Safety Concerns

AUSTIN – The “Condom Challenge” — or #CondomChallenge, has claimed the life of 17 year-old Emily Stone who after watcher several videos online decide to do the challenge herself. 
Emily and her friend Natasha Wasley decide to try this viral trend while Emily’s parents were out of town, The video that has not yet been released to the public shows the condom falls onto Emily’s head while Natasha Wasley laughed Emily Stone wasn’t laughing her lungs were being filled with a toxic mixture of lubricant and water causing her to drown within the condom.

18 year-old Natash Wasley called 911 after she released Emily was not breathing, Ambulance arrived at the scene with the condom full of water still around Emily Stones head. She was pronounced dead on the scene and it was ruled a suicide by examiners.
Credit: Hustlers.

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  1. I'm sorry but there are so many things wrong here.
    1. The girl that died wasn't smart enough to hold her breath?
    2. She didn't drop the condom on herself and this is NOT a suicide.
    -That is a pussy pass if I ever saw one.
    3. The girl that dropped the condom on her head is so dumb she couldn't tell
    her friend was dying? WTF?

    This is total bullshit