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Spanish footballer gets one-year ban after being found guilty of trying to slap referee with penis

A footballer in Spain has been hit with a one-year ban after trying to hit an assistant referee with his penis during a game.

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of the Celtic de Pulianas player who sprinted onto the pitch during CD Abes vs Gabia CF and attempted to assault a female assistant referee with his penis.

The player, from the Andalusian First Division, felt aggrieved about a decision and, in the 80th minute, took out his penis and attempted to slap the assistant referee with it.

According to Spanish media outlet Marca, a disciplinary committee decided to punish the player with ‘a one-year suspension of his federation licence, as well as a 468-euro fine’ for ‘performing a public act of common knowledge which was completely undignified and disrespectful to the assistant referee and the crowd present at the game’.

Taking into consideration the ‘social impact and significance of the act and its notorious and blatant nature’ as criteria, the committee only decided to implement a ‘medium-level’ punishment to the offender.

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