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Man in Indiana sets world record for time spent driving in a roundabout

 After missing a turn on his way to work, an Indiana man set out to set the record for longest time spent driving in a roundabout.

On Oct. 13 Oran Sands, a 64-year-old software designer from Carmel, drove his 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet around a local roundabout for over three and a half hours.

Sands was struck with the idea to try for the record when he missed his turn headed to work one day and realized that no one watching could notice that he took another turn around the roundabout.

"If you've ever missed your exit from a roundabout and felt embarrassed doing a second lap, rejoice! Because no one knows it's your second lap," he wrote in a post on Oppositelock in which he chronicled his journey to the obscure world record.

Even though there was no previous record, Sands set out to make his official time a lengthy three hours and 34 minutes to ensure that it would hold up to future challengers. "Five minutes would have sufficed," he told the Indianapolis Star. "But anybody else attempting to do that would at least have to beat that."

Carmel has gained national recognition in the past for the sheer number of roundabouts that the city contains, with the total sitting around 60. Mayor Jim Brainard, who Sands says is known as the "Roundabout King" also rode with Sands for 10 minutes.

Despite claiming the record on RecordSetter, Sands has no immediate plans to pursue the Guinness World record.


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