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Kyrgyzstan Couple Forced to Leave Village After Sharing Gospel

Pray for a situation which took place in a village in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim-dominated country in Central Asia.

Recently a group of Protestant believers from different parts of Kyrgyzstan visited a Christian family in their village.

*Janysh and *Laura (real names protected for security reasons) are the only Christian couple in the village who always share the Gospel with their neighbors. That is why the doors of their small home are open for believers from other areas of Kyrgyzstan.

The couple has an outreach ministry which includes showing the JESUS film. Recently, they showed the film and presented the Gospel to four families from their own village.
AdRepresentative photo. Kyrgyz family in the village of Sary-Mogol, Osh province

Three days after the Gospel presentation, two intoxicated men started screaming in the middle of the night near the home of Janysh and Laura. They shouted that Janysh and Laura were infidels who had disgraced Islam. They threw stones into the house. No one was injured.

The next day a group of 10 people came and asked Janysh to come out of the house. They told him that he had to confess he was following an “alien” religion. Otherwise, he would be forced to leave the village with his family. The next day an imam of the local mosque came to talk with Janysh and Laura. He also tried to make them renounce their faith in Jesus Christ.

With the situation escalating to possible severe violence, the couple decided to leave the village with their children. They hope to eventually return.

Please pray for the dangerous situation in the village to end so Janysh and Laura may return home. Thank the Lord for their boldness to present the Gospel in their community.

Pray for believers throughout Kyrgyzstan, which is 89% Muslim and 5% Christian.

Source: MNN Online.

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