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Heartbroken man marries deceased girlfriend’s ashes and dresses urn in a wedding outfit

A heartbroken man decided to marry his girlfriend after she died.   Videos of the man marrying the ashes of his girlfriend was uploaded to the Internet.

The wedding ceremony was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The groom was identified as Mr. Lai. The party was a wedding party as well as a farewell ceremony with friends and family.

It is believed that Lai, wanted to show his commitment to the woman he loved even after she was dead. 

The video shows Lai clutching the urn of his bride as she was being dressed while music was playing.

People were full of emotion, watching Lai as he held the ashes close to him before he entered a wedding car and drove off. People who attended the ceremony, were seen wiping the tears during the emotional ceremony.

Ghost marriages are not as rare in Asia, where a dying man marries a deceased lover. However, dressing the urn in a wedding outfit and having a ceremony like this is unusual.

Credit: WWWN.

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