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Woman wants divorce because her 2 former husbands were better in bed than current husband

A woman is demanding a divorce from her husband because he is not good in bed. The 84-year-old women of Italy, has filed for divorce because her 88-year-old husband was not having enough sex and her others husbands were better in bed.

The woman, cited her dissatisfaction as the reason behind the divorce. According to the woman, her husband only wanted to have sex twice a month, which was not enough for her. 

The woman further insulted her current husband, telling the court that her two previous husbands, who are now deceased, were better in bed than her current husband.

The elderly woman wanted her husband to take Viagra, so that they do not have to give up on sex because of r age.
 The husband refused to take Viagra, because of a heart condition. However, the woman said that the Viagra, only gives him heart palpitations from time to time.


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