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Toddler abandoned in dark day care facility after teacher thought she was a doll

A father released the video of a dramatic rescue of his daughter who was left behind in a day care center. 

The video shows the moment the crawling toddler was rescued from the day care by police officers. The school claims that they thought the girl was a doll when she was left behind. 

Cornelius Jones of Chicago, Illinois, went to pick up his daughter from her day care 15 minutes before closing time. However, the door was locked and it was dark inside. 

Jones knew that his 1-year-old daughter was still inside the building at the All Things are Possible for Kids day care center, so he called the police.

Firefighters forced the door open and police officers along with the child’s father entered the premises, but they could not find the toddler named Journee, in the dark nursery.

Jones said that he heard his daughter crying, but he was unable to locate her. Police officers used their flashlights and found Journee crawling on the floor. 

“When I saw her crawling towards us screaming, my heart just dropped,” Jones said. 

Journee’s mother, Quanesha Borum, said that the director of the day care center apologized to her, but gave her an explanation that she found unacceptable.

“She told me that she thought Journee was a doll,” Borum said. The Department of Children and Families is investigating the incident.

Credit: WWWN.

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