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Pastor Shoots Man In Church Threatening His Congregation

A pastor fired and killed a 25 years old man armed with a brick during church service on Sunday after the man threatened parishioners at the City of God Church in Detroit’s West Side USA.
According to the reports the 25 years old man stormed into the church during a service holding a brick. Using this brick to threaten parishioners and the 36 years old pastor pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times. People said the man is well known by the congregation, especially the pastor.

Now we find this very hilarious. A Pastor (Man God!!!) carrying a gun with the bible to church? I can imagine how amazed his parishioners looked when he pulled out the gun.
This is just funny, pastor protecting himself with a gun, after God. Lets see what you have to say about this. The pastor is in police custody though and police have promise to hand him over to court after their findings.

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