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Mysterious floating city appears in the sky over China

Conspiracy theorists say cityscape mirage over Jiangxi and Foshan caused by Fata Morgana is actually part of Nasa's secret 'Project Blue Beam,'  People in China claim to have seen a floating city in the sky after a mirage in the shape of a cityscape appeared in the clouds over Jiangxi and Foshan.

The mysterious apparition, which many believe to have been supernatural, seemed to form a perfect city skyline when it was spotted by residents. 

While some people think they have seen a parallel universe, weather experts are saying the unusual sighting was down to an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana - a type of mirage which distorts objects which are far away.

The meteorological phenomenon caused the light from skyscrapers to be reflected and appear to be higher than they really are. This would explain the eerie image floating above parts of China. 

Though for some, this simple explanation isn't good enough. Conspiracy theorists who believe Nasa will one day simulate the second coming of Christ through holograms think the mirage is further proof of their theories.

Credit: UK Telegraph.

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