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Miley Cyrus hosts SNL: Play People's unofficial drinking game

Saturday Night Live kicks off its 41st season tonight, and Miley Cyrus (sans dead petz) will be returning to host the show for the third time in addition to performing as the night’s musical guest.

In anticipation of wild child Miley’s antics during SNL’s premiere, People has compiled a drinking game for those of you who like to pair copious amounts of alcohol with your sketch comedy.
Some of the rules include taking a sip of your drink whenever Miley’s tongue escapes her mouth, having a swig if her dad Billy Ray Cyrus shows up, and sipping some water whenever she’s minimally clothed, because it’s important to stay hydrated. 

Head to People for the full list of directives. Remember to drink responsibly, and also remember: only God can judge ya; forget the haters, ‘cause somebody loves ya. 
Credit: EW.

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