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Man Sentenced To 885 Years In Prison After Being Caught With Child Porn

Shawn Ryan Thomas, a 32-year-old man, is all set to live the rest of his life — and then some — behind bars.

That's because he was just sentenced on Monday afternoon to a whopping 885 years in prison by a Florida judge. What?! Thomas, who was convicted in June of more than 60 counts of child pornography possession, was facing a maximum of 15 years in jail for each count, and judge Marlene Alva didn't stray too far from the max with this particular case.
The felon is also set to face more charges later this year including attempted kidnapping, attempted child rape, and attempted murder — and the story behind what he was playing in that instance is absolutely horrifying. 

According to authorities, Thomas was all set to lure a 9-year-old girl and her parents to his house under the pretenses of Thomas being a filmmaker. Then, his plan was to kill the mother and father, video tape himself raping the girl, and then kill her, too.

Thomas even got so far as once having a family drive from their home in southwest Florida to his residence in Longwood, but upon arriving outside Thomas' place, they became suspicious of his intentions and left before entering the house — a move that more than likely saved their lives. 

When a tipster alerted police to Thomas' plans with the family, cops raided his house and found more than almost 70 videos of graphic child pornography, arresting the man and leading to his eventual conviction.

Now, it appears Thomas' life is all but over after being sentenced to nearly a thousand years of time in prison. WOW. But considering what he's convicted of doing — and the other crimes he intended to commit — this is probably a wise decision.

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