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Man Cuts Own Manhood After Being Accused Of Rape

A man identified as Lekan Daramola, in Oke-Aro area of Ogun State, has decided to cut off his weapon of destruction, after he was accused of serial rape.

According to reports, the 34-year-old man was caught in the act of raping his landlord's 12-year-old daughter and after he was beaten, disgraced and paraded around the town, reportedly used a sharp kitchen knife and cut off his manhood. 

A neighbour who was a witness to the bloody scene, narrated the incident: "This is not the first time brother Lekan was caught in the act. Just last year, he was nabbed while raping a street hawker and the area boys beat him almost to death.

He was caught again on three different occasions and the last time, he lured Baba's (landlord) young daughter into his room and while forcefully having carnal knowledge of the girl, her screams attracted neighbours who broke the door of his room and caught him.

He was given the beating of his life and paraded in the town. In the night, we heard screams in his room and when we rushed there, we found him in a pool of his blood with a bloody knife beside him.

As we were rushing him to a nearby hospital, he confessed that he did not know the spirit that always got into him that made him rape girls and that it was better to cut off his penis."


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