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Bride leaves her wedding to help victim of car crash

A bride in Tennessee, who works as a paramedic, left behind her own wedding to help the victim of a car crash.

29-year-old Sarah Ray of Clarksville, was seen wearing her wedding gown at the scene of the car crash on Saturday.

The incident unfolded an hour after she said “I do” at church.

Ray received a call about the car crash in which her father and grandparents had been involved.

Ray and her husband Paul, both paramedics, were still in church when Ray’s father, grandfather and grandmother were riding to the reception.

When the newlywed couple heard about the collision, they got into a car and rushed to the scene without thinking twice. Ray’s grandmother was hospitalized for a short time due to injuries to her arms and chest.

Her father suffered mild injuries while her grandfather was not injured. Ray's mother, Marcy Martin, took a picture of her daughter wearing her wedding dress at the accident scene.

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