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Boss chops off employee’s arm because she complained about the lack of food

Police launched an investigation into an alleged assault on a housemaid in Saudi Arabia, after government officials in India, expressed concern about the welfare of the woman.

55-year-old Kasturi Munirathinam claims that her employer in Riyadh, chopped off her arm after she was caught trying to escape from her employer's home.

Munirathinam’s family members have alleged that she was being tortured by her boss.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj if India, said that he spoke with officials in Saudi Arabia, telling them that he is disturbed by the incident of chopping off the woman's arm.

Munirathinam of Chennai, said that her employer had been furious after she complained of the harassment she faced in the house, where she had started working three months ago.

Munirathinam complained that her mother was prohibited from talking to her on the phone, and she was not given an adequate amount of food.

She also forced to work long hours. When she tried to escape the harassment and torture, her right arm was cut off by the employer.

Her spinal cord was also injured. Munirathinam has been taken to a hospital in Riyadh, and is said to be in serious condition.

Officials in India, want the employer to be charged with attempted murder.


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