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10 Signs That You Are A 'Half-Baked' Graduate

The Ivory Tower is supposed to be a place where one is expected to be well-grounded with the ability to present oneself to the outside world in the best possible way. This is the same reason why people in the eastern parts of Nigeria refer to it as 'Mahadum' which literarily means 'Know it all'.

It is so pathetic to come to terms with the fact that the reverse is the case as can be seen in most graduates today in our society! Below are some signs to show that someone who passed through the Ivory Tower could still be a half-baked graduate!

1) You can't apply the uses of the 8 Parts of Speech in speaking and writing. Some Engineering and Science graduates would tell you that this isn't important because these are not part of their course of study! What an unforgiveable fallacy!!! 

So what have you been doing during your primary and secondary school days? I know very well that 'Parts of Speech' is the foundation of English as far as the subject is concerned. So, it means you have not been serious all those years to learn the foundation of communication!!! Whether you like it or not, English is the lingua-franca in Nigeria and if you can't communicate fluently in it, you are a half-baked graduate!!!

2) You can't read beyond two pages of a book. Reading is basically one of the various ways of learning so if you can't read beyond two pages of a book, I seriously wonder how you managed to pass your courses in the university! There are graduates who complain frequently about a 20-line write-up being too lengthy to read...they are many on this forum! The truth is that you would definitely miss out on vital information if you have this character and you are no better than a half-baked graduate!!! Quote me if you like!

3) You studied Mechanical Engineering yet you still take your car to the mechanic workshop to change common engine oil and other little things!

4) You studied Elect/Elect, yet you can't even change as simple as a lamp holder in your house! You are a half-baked graduate!!!

5) You can't teach others! If you can't transfer the knowledge and skills you claimed to have acquired in school to others, it surely makes you a half-bakie!!!. If the 'illiterate' carpenter or welder can transfer his knowledge and skills to others, what stops you from doing same as an 'educated' person? Every graduate should have the ability to teach. You would be shocked when you see how some graduates of Political Science teach Government in the schools where they are undertaking their NYSC primary assignment! Some don't even know the meaning of a constitution!

6) You are a half-baked graduate if you still lack confidence in conversing intelligently and creating relationships with fellow ambitious and enlightened graduates like you!!! Stop chasing small street girls that hawk one thing or the other and go for your class if you know you are 'good-to-go.'

7) You are a half-baked graduate if you still cannot read and write efficiently! As funny as it sounds, some 'graduates' can't read and write as learned folks! Maybe, you need to be enrolled in Reception Class in a nursery school where you can learn the basics of reading and writing

8. You are a half-baked graduate if you cannot use Microsoft Word! We will forgive you if you don't know any other basics in ICT but not Microsoft Word!!! In this modern time? Who go type CV and edit for you?

9) You are a half-baked graduate if you still sit joblessly in beer parlours, enthusiastically discussing secret cult escapades you had in school while your mates are busy building their careers in Agip and Exxon Mobil!!! 

10) You are a half-baked graduate if all you could do with your BlackBerry and Iphone6 is to download numerous porn movies and chat with random girls!!!

Peace! One love!!! 

Written by: Rapmoney 

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