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Woman learns that her grandfather is also her father after he raped his daughter at gunpoint

A woman spoke of her heartache she suffered after learning that her mother was raped at gunpoint as a teenager by her own father.

38-year-old Jodi Cahill of Melbourne, Australia, received a shocking letter from her estranged mother, informing her of a secret that she had kept from the world for three decades.
In the heartbreaking letter, Cahill’s mother said that they shared the same father. The mother detailed the years of abuse she had suffered at the hands of her father, Raymond. 

Cahill, who was raised by her divorced grandmother Juanita because her mother developed psychosis due to the abuse, took the news very hard.

The shock and disgust of the sudden discovery, led Cahill to attempt to commit suicide and then to suffer from anorexia.

She suddenly understood why her mother had such a hard time being around her as she was a constant reminded of the horrific abuse.

Cahill was in and out of the hospital due to her anorexia. She was fed from a tube for about four months. She finally made a full recovery after a few failed attempts.

Cahill said that she decided to share her story in an attempt to help other people suffering from anorexia.

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