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Teenage girl stabs own mother 20 times after watching ISIS beheading videos

A teenage girl was arrested on a charge of murder after stabbing her mother numerous times in her home, police in Denmark said.

Now, 15-year-old Lisa Borch of Kvissel, has been sentenced to serve 9 years in prison after being convicted of murder.
According to the police investigation, Borch had been watching videos that showed the beheadings of David Haines and Alan Henning, before killing her mother.

Tine Romer Holtegaard was found covered in blood by the police at her home in Kvissel. She was stabbed more than 20 times.

Police came to the home after Borch told a dispatcher that she heard her mother scream and saw a white man running away from the home.

Police examined Borch’s computer, and found that she had been watching ISIS videos. The fingerprints of Borch and her boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, was found at the murder scene.

Borch and Abdulla planned to flee to Syria and fight for ISIS.

Borch’s older sister said that her mother warned Borch about hanging out with Abdulla, and they frequently fought.

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