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Teen has stomach removed after bar served her liquid nitrogen while celebrating her 18th birthday

A bar was charged with negligence after serving a teen liquid nitrogen, which caused severe injuries to her stomach, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, Oscar's Wine Bar and Bistro of Lancaster, was sentenced to pay a fine of 100,000 pounds ($155,000) after pleading guilty to one count of failing in the duty of an employer to ensure the safety of persons not in its employment.

According to the police investigation, 20-year-old Gaby Scanlon of Lancashire, was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends at the Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro, when she drank the liquid nitrogen shot.

Scanlon’s stomach began to expand and was taken to the Lancaster Royal Infirmary, where a CT scan found a large perforation.

She spent three weeks in the hospital as doctors removed her stomach and connected her esophagus directly to the small intestine.

The incident completely changed the life of Scanlon, who is suffering from episodes of excruciating pain and can no longer enjoy food, the Preston Crown Court was told.

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