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SA Police Arrests Man After Finding 21 Pieces Of Female Private Parts In His House

A father of 2, 58 year old Danish man was arrested in South Africa after pieces of female Instruments were found in a freezer in his home. Police spokesman, Hangwani Mulaudzi said that 21 pieces of women’s Instruments were found stored in plastic bags in a freezer. Police also discovered anaesthetic and other surgical implements in his home.

Mulaudzi said: “We are not sure how many victims there are; we are in the process of tracing them’

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The spokesman said police were alerted by one of the man’s victims. The man was arrested on Thursday in the city of Bloemfontein in the central Free State province. They are asking women who have been assaulted by the man to come forward.

Mulaudzi couldn’t identify the man’s motive. It is not known if the body parts are from 21 different women. It is not known how the man committed the assaults or if the women are dead or alive.

The Danish citizen owns a gun shop in the city of Bloemfontein in the central Free State province, reported Volksblad, a local Afrikaans language newspaper.

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